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What does Independence Mean to You? Strategies for Maintaining the Life You Love


What does independence mean to you? To us, it means having the freedom to enjoy all your favorite things whether it’s playing golf or going out to dinners with friends. At Clayton Oaks, we're dedicated to supporting your independence. Here are our best strategies for keeping a fulfilling and independent life!

Staying Fit

Feeling your best boosts your confidence and independence! Studies show that incorporating fitness into your weekly routine can slow the effects of aging. Everyone has their own unique strengths, challenges, and goals so we make sure to offer fitness programs that are both fun and accessible, designed to meet you where you are. Whether it’s yoga, group walks, or personalized exercises – we'll help you find what keeps you active and joyful.

A Full Social Calendar

Friendship enriches life! Our Clayton Oaks calendar is kept full with fun activities and events. Join neighbors for restaurant outings, try a new creative hobby, or participate in a book club.  The National Library of Medicine noted that engaging socially can help prevent disabilities and improve the health and wellness of older individuals - helping people stay independent longer!

More Time for What You Want

Senior living frees you from the full to-do list that comes with homeownership. Our team handles the upkeep and chores, leaving you with lots of time for all your favorite pastimes. Rediscover old hobbies, spend more time with family, or explore those interests you always put on hold. It's your time – embrace it!

True independence thrives within a supportive community. Moving here is a great way to maintain the lifestyle you love with easy access to fitness programs, social opportunities, and support if needed. Moving is actually an opportunity to live life to the fullest!

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